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At PPA we offer classes in dance, singing and drama. We follow the R.A.D and I.S.T.D syllabus for Ballet and the ISTD Syllabus for Modern and Tap. Students can take exams in Ballet, Modern and Tap on a regular basis if they wish.

Classical Ballet:

Classical Ballet encourages poise, discipline and confidence, and pupils can start as young as age 3 in our 'Baby Ballet' classes. We follow the ISTD syllabus up through the grades, and from then onwards, study the prestigious R.A.D Vocational Grades (taught by Mrs. Jenny Farrow) and run classes for all levels up to Advanced 2 R.A.D. Students can start Ballet at any age, we even offer a popular beginner class for adults, and another one for those aged 13 upwards who wish to catch up with others their age. Ballet is a very important discipline and students wishing to take up any form of technical dance are advised to take ballet alongside it.
Classes start at the barre, which supports the balance of the body while we do various exercises designed to increase strength, mobility and 'turn out', giving the distinctive 'classical line' required for ballet and enabling the body to balance more efficiently. Then we move into the centre. The discipline required for ballet develops a heightened sense of grace and fluidity.

Modern & Jazz Technique:

Students can start Modern at the age of 4, where they learn the fundamental skills towards the theatre style and begin to follow the syllabus offered by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD.) Modern dance is a rhythmic dance style often seen on the stages of musical productions. The style combines travelling steps, kicks, leaps and turns to create stylish jazz routines. Once students are 6, they have the opportunity to take 'Jazz Technique' alongside their syllabus class, where we focus specifically on kicks, leaps and turns technique. We are a certified 'Pirouette Surgery' and 'Leap Surgery' studio. We have classes that cater up to an advanced level.


This has evolved as an American dance form, popularised throughout the world, with debate about its origins coming from African dance, Irish dance and/or clog dancing. The dancer uses their feet to strike the floor, beating out different rhythms, with dancers wearing tap shoes which have small metal plates on the toe and heel to give the distinctive sound. Tap dance is a theatrical art form often seen on stage in musicals. We offer Tap classes from age 4 upwards. We also offer separate ‘Adult Tap’ classes at an advanced level.


Singing is a popular class throughout the school at all ages. Focus is on correct warm-up techniques, developing all areas of the voice, and performing songs from the musical and pop world. Harmonies are covered in group sessions and PPA Roadshow classes. Singing is available to those aged 7 and up. (We offer a combined Singing and Drama class for those aged 4-6) Private lessons are also available. Singers are then invited to be part of our new platform- 'PPA Jams', the playlist so far can be found here


The name "Contemporary Dance" describes a range of techniques and styles used in classes, workshops and dance choreography. Our classes cover 'Limon Technique', 'Release', 'Martha Graham', 'Flying Low', 'Cunningham' the new 'iD Dance Syllabus' and 'Modern Contemporary Techniques.' Students wishing to take contemporary must also be taking a ballet class. We offer Contemporary for those in Grade 3 Ballet, up to an advanced level. An example of our contemporary can be found here,


We offer drama classes for those aged 6 upwards. (We offer a combined Singing and Drama class for those aged 4-5) The students work on the L.A.M.D.A syllabus and have the option to take exams throughout the year. The classes explore the students own imagination and charcterisation as well as creativity at the same time as workshopping movement and the physicality of the actor. The ability to act requires technique just like singing and dance. We cover these aspects, such as colour words, pronunciation, accent, etc, and characterisation. All areas are required to become a strong actor. We For our awarding winning film, created by our senior drama class- 'Hard Boiled' follow the link and for photos of our production of 'Romeo & Juliet' at St Augustine's Abbey, see

Musical Theatre:

In the musical theatre classes, we take a piece from a musical and piece it together over a half a term period, roughly 5-6 weeks. It involves learning the song (often complex harmonies) looking at the character behind the number and piecing it together with the appropriate movement/dance and performance skills. We use pieces from musicals of all ages. Here are a couple of examples of a) working on harmony pieces, and b) working on solo intensions, so acting through song and

Hip Hop and Commercial Jazz:

We run a very popular Hip hop class combining old school with the latest hip hop styles. This includes hip hop, house, locking, waacking, L.A style, popping, locking and many more forms of street dance. Be prepared for a quick paced class! We have classes open from beginner to advanced. Students can begin classes at age 4 and we also run a separate beginner ‘Adult Hip Hop’ class. We also have a new advanced Commercial Jazz class for those wishing to take commercial alongside their hip hop training. Commercial Jazz is a blend of commercial style street dance and jazz technique, including turns, kicks and floorwork. Examples of classes can be found here:,

Acrobatics and Tumbling:

We run acro and tumbling classes for our Juniors, Intermediates, Seniors and Adults. Tumbling is a form of gymnastics performed without props or equipment, also referred to as floor gymnastics, common moves performed in tumbling include flips, somersaults, tucks, handstands and handsprings. Our teacher Craig Wildman is a highly sought after, Level 2 British Gymnastics tumble coach with a Level 3 Module 1 add on, and a Level 3 Acrobatics coach. We also run acro classes following the Acrobatics Arts syllabus with Sophie Guariglia-Smith. See the link for an example of Tumbling classes at PPA,

Stretch and Conditioning:

We run regular stretch and conditioning classes to support the student's dance technique. Flexibility is big part of dance, and allows access to more steps and more advanced moves. We follow the Alixa Flexibility program which is specifically focused on safe, effective stretching for age 6 to adult. However, flexibility is no good without the strength to support it, so strength and conditioning is also a big part of the class.


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